Alteryx and the Tableau Server API

Hello again all, Recently, I was asked about downloading workbooks from the Tableau server, in order to ensure local copies were in sync with the published version. From past experiences of being an “accidental server admin” I knew that this was possible with the Tableau Server REST API, and since I was working with a […]

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Better Late Than Never

Whoa, what a week!  This was my 7th Tableau conference, and I continue to be amazed by how much it has grown.  The energy and community that exists around Tableau is unmatched among software companies (and right there with any company, really), and it shows at the conference.  Here are a few thoughts on my […]

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Lessons from Scout Camp

Hello again Datafam! It’s been a bit of a busy summer for me, trying to squeeze all of the enjoyment I can out of the all-too-short summer months here in Minneapolis.  That’s included a fishing trip to Canada, a few camping trips, and surviving a direct hit from a durecho during a visit to our […]

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Alteryx Inspire 2019 Recap

Hello again DataFam! With summer finally upon us here in Minneapolis, I find myself quite busy enjoying the nice weather and all of the great outdoor activities the Midwest has to offer.  For me that means camping, fishing, and just relaxing in the backyard.   The start of summer also brings the annual Alteryx Inspire conference, […]

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The Alteryx Certification Gauntlet

Hello again datafam! In the Marvel comics and cinema universe, there six infinity stones, which have been pursued and protected throughout several story lines in the comics and most recently, in the Avengers movie franchise.  Harnessing the power of all of the stones would make someone the most powerful being in the universe.  As Endgame is […]

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How I got to now

Hey folks, Starting this blog is something that has been on my mind for a while.  It really started to dig in after TC18, when the community on Twitter was having many conversations about “imposter syndrome.”  One of my personal goals in 2019 is to share more of my thoughts and experiences, and try to […]

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